DIY Puppy Dog Trinket Boxes

We have a BIG time dog lover in our family. Jodie’s daughter Quincy is constantly sending her Mom pictures of dogs she wants to bring home. The sad news is that Quincy’s sisters are extremely allergic and having a dog is just not an option. So Quincy is left with a broken heart… it’s really so sad. Since a real live puppy dog isn’t possible we try to spoil her with all the dog stuff we can find. She even has an adorable puppy painted on her bedroom wall. With her in mind we decided to make these fun dog crafts, the cutest Puppy Dog Trinket Boxes. (And she’s in love with them!)

DIY Puppy Dog Trinket Boxes | Dog Crafts

[Paint colors: Tops – Flat White Spray Paint || Bottoms – Ceramcoat Brand, Turquoise and Tropic Bay Blue – Americana Brand, Bluegrass Green] continue reading

DIY Leather Hair Bows

DIY Leather Hair Bows

We love making hair bows for our girls. There are so many different types to make and our girls are always excited to get new ones. Today we have some new leather hair bows to share with you. We’ve made this type of bow before using felt and they turned out so cute that we thought we should try them again with a different type of material. I love the way the felt ones turned out, but I may like these leather ones even more. continue reading